Bulb email response

Are Bulb having a problem with their outgoing email - we’ve emailed then 4 times in the last month (to the help email address and the complaints email address) and we have had nothing back in reply? Checked the junk mail and all that stuff but no responses???

Send each of your messages back to them with a request for a £10 account credit for each, with a link to this page…

I recently got £10 off them for one where they had replied, but took longer than 5 days.

You should get some money AND hopefully this will prompt them into dealing with whatever issue there is.

Same issue here. 2 emails sent (first was 19th September), no response to either. To say I’m getting a bit miffed is an understatement.

I can only echo your experiences.

Interesting to note the volume of complaints to bulb has risen from 250 per 100000 customers between January and March to 320 in the 3 months to June. Thats over 25% rise which suggests to me that there is a significant issue.

cant understand y no reply to my e-mails so you owe me £20-00.
again can i have a reading of my useage once i have sent meter readings in, not 5-6 weeks later

+1 Same issue, sent 2 emails so far and 1 message through in site form, no response so far, it’s been over 2 weeks since first message.