Bulb emails too "large"

My Bulb emails, mostly with bills attached, are too large for my email interface, the right hand half of the email disappears off the screen.
Even when I view the email in a full window the same thing happens.
All other emails I receive fit perfectly.
Does anyone else experience this ?

I’ve not had a problem using Gmail on my Android Pixel 3 nor on Gmail on desktop: what platform/mail client are you using?

Win 10 , Microsoft email, via btinternet.com.
I might try changing my email at Bulb to my GMail account.

I suspect that’s the problem, rather than your BT email address.

I’d try Mozilla Thunderbird instead:

Hi @Cranfield,

Please let me know if switching over to gmail solves the issue. If not, I can raise this with our internal tech team to see if we can find the issue.

All the best,

if you go to the top of your email page and click on the three dashes this will collapse the left-hand side, works for me when I have large emails