Bulb Energy consumer advice - thinking of switching? Get an accurate estimate, save £50 no exit fee

Important advice before you switch

I’ve switched and have found Bulb to be great so far but if you are thinking of switching too, then here’s a tip for you to make sure that you get an accurate quote on their website when you look to sign up.

When you fill in your initial details, it soon comes up with a suggested monthly cost but this is a broad estimate and to get a more accurate figure you can put in your own usage details. In my case this was considerably different, so it could well be worth checking!

To put in your usage figures click on the “Refine your quote” link on the page where it gives you your estimated cost - that comes up after you answer a few brief questions about your postcode and size of your house.

For me Bulb still worked out to be one of the cheapest - it’s green too of course and they also offer £50 discount through a referral link (this was increased to £100 but that was a time limited offer and £50 is the standard now).

I hope you found this tip helpful – if so you can use my link below to get the £50 credit when you switch and I get the same credit too. When you’ve signed up, you can then do the same and pass on your link to make even further savings!

Note also that if you have exit fees from your existing supplier, then Bulb will cover the cost of those when you switch - and Bulb don’t impose any exit fees themselves.

Hope that all helps

Here’s a quick link
For £50 credit when you switch to a great company !!

Hi @richw the tip of refining one’s quick quote is a really great shout.

We’ve tried to strike a balance on our website between making it easy to switch (not asking too many questions) while still asking enough to make an accurate estimate of a home’s usage. Refining one’s quote is a great way to improve the accuracy beyond the initial estimate.

@colette9141 did your experience mirror @richw’s or was the important thing the referral link? :slight_smile:

I’ve recently switched (first time i’ve ever switched energy providers and it was plain sailing!), not just because of its good customer service, but low prices and to use renewable energy. Bulb is one of the most competitively-priced providers in the market. Bulb only have a single energy tariff for all its customers (so no ‘fixed’ tariffs!).
Bulb’s has been driven by word of mouth and referral marketing that, for every friend or family member referred to Bulb, gives both parties £50 credit on their accounts! my referral link given below :slight_smile: