Bulb Energy Fund - no reply from customer service

Is anyone else having problems with Bulb’s very poor customer service?

I have been contacting Bulb for months (on behalf of my elderly and vulnerable Mum) and no-one ever replies!!!

I have tried the ‘chat box’ but again with no success!

Any suggestions - short of moving to a new supplier?


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Hi @maureen0705,

I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience with us.

I can see we currently have an open complaint with you, I’m really sorry we haven’t got back to you.

I’m going to look into this now and you should receive a response by the end of the day.



Hi, yes same here.

No progress with complain cases.

One initial apologising reply and no solution.

Hi @szymek.szymczak I can see @Noah_at_Bulb emailed you just over a week ago to confirm some account details. Please could you respond to that email thread and we’ll look further into your complaint

Any update on the case please?

@szymek.szymczak I’ve just replied to your email. Please let me know if you have any questions by responding there :slight_smile: