Bulb Estimate vs Actual Usage 2016

Having gone to uSwitch I see that no one can beat Bulb’s prices based on their projected usage for me, but compared to my 2016 usage statistics from another supplier, they are predicting twice as much electric and 3 times as much gas usage.

I’ve not been great at submitting my actual readings, but when I have, I’ve not noticed any particular difference in my projections. With no difference to personal circumstances (barring underfloor heating that I would agree would alter my gas bill, though not in these last few heat wave months) I don’t really understand how this is possible/justifiable?!

Will I get the difference when I switch supplier back, as at the moment it says I’m only very minorly in credit.

I don’t quite understand your question.

However the best way to get an accurate quote is to insert your usage for the previous 12 months into the comparison site. This information appears on your latest bills from your current supplier and should be 2017/2018 rather than 2016.

Hi @StevenWeir as @Allanr says the best way to get a really good comparison is to put in your last 12 months of usage. Maybe it’s just a case of everybody’s prices having gone up? Or maybe the estimated usage in 2016 was an underestimate? Regardless, I’d recommend using your most up to date usage data when you’re getting a comparison.