Bulb EV Tarrif is not worth it

Bulb EV Tarrif is the worst thing that ever happened to me.
The smart meter is a sham!
I feel duped.

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So you don’t recommend it?

I was thinking of getting a smart meter my bills gone from £212 a month to £420 it’s bloody criminal not sure how long I can pay this for I think therea something wrong with my meters
I have paid over £600 this month because I got into arrears as they kept putting it up despite getting meter reading

The funny thing is that they quoted that rates were going up by a certain amount, but for me and the smart meter and on the EV tarrif, it seems they trippled the monthly cost.
I definitely CANNOT recommend this DISASTER!

The UNIT price is what has gone up by around 54%. Therefore, if you were to use more than usual, you’d pay more. It’s not a case of reaching a certain cost level (cap) and thereafter, any further use is free.

Even in months where i have been out of the house more and had reasons to use less electricity plus not beeding the heater as in summer, the meter app readings went even higher!

I complained about it, and the Bulb rep said it could be that their system was reading my neighbours meter!!!

Imagine that! :fearful:

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Being on the EV tariff has saved me about £300 in 6 months compared to the standard 1 rate tariff.

I have experienced the same. The problem is that during night smart meter is not reading consumption just estimates. In my case I was trying the service before having my ev and the estimation was huge!!! Even without consumption due I didn’t have any ev charging then I moved back to regular tariff. As soon as I get my new ev I will move to Octopus. I can’t afford so bad management of ev tariffs from bulb