Bulb failing to accept submitted meter readings


Not as simple as unit rates and standing charge costs When I’m giving meter readings and in a 2 bedroom flat and in 5 weeks I’ve used £210 erm I don’t think so you guys are still ( ESTIMATING ) there’s 2 adults here and 2 young ones the FLAT is empty Monday to Friday during the full day.

I used to be pre payment and paid £80 - £120 per month with much higher standing charges and unit rates with Boost post contract variable.

My direct debit is set at £66 with you guys but I don’t expect more than about £85 max and it wants £210 I’m now in Debit already in 5 weeks is ridiculous why can’t you except the 2-3 meter readings I’ve given you.

Very disappointing I Won’t be recommending you guys

Your confusing your direct debit and your bill.

If you submit readings on time you’ll get bills based on usage and not estimates. Estimates can be wildly out.

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Sounds like Bulb are doing that thing where they silently ignore the supplied meter readings because they fall outside the expected range. The estimated bills are then way out, which is what caused the problem in the first place, and causes an artificial debt to build up. Typically when this happens Bulb ask for a photo of the meter for confirmation. But there’s a continuous stream of posts on here where Bulb have repeatedly ignored the readings even after photos have been supplied multiple times.

I’ve no sympathy with people who fail to provide meter readings and then complain their bills are wrong, but that’s not what’s happening here. @jimmydawson2012 has said they’ve already supplied 2-3 (which is it, two or three?) meter readings that haven’t been used. Even if those readings were submitted at the “wrong” time they should still appear on the statement and prevent the final estimated reading on the statement date from being too far out.

When there’s an issue that causes a meter reading to be rejected, Bulb should be contacting the customer to sort it out. But they don’t, and it just gets ignored until the customer ends up frustrated enough to post on here. It’s not good enough, and is just one more example of Bulb’s generally poor customer service.

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I’ve done meter readings when required actually it’s 2 readings 30th of October and 28th November but they put estimated next to readings instead of customer

Just to confirm what is happening, what are the dates of your statements and what date does the payment get taken from your bank?

jimmydawson2012 27315938
08 December 2019
Last account balance
You paid us on 04/11/19 - thank you Opening balance
Cost of your energy for this period
Your new account balance
£ 0.00 in credit £ 65.48
£ 65.48 in credit

Electric - £ 116.66
Gas - £ 99.70

  • £ 216.36
    £150.88 in debit

Statement 8th December

I know the difference money has gone out that’s my fixed direct debit I haven’t changed yet and now I owe £150 which in only 5 weeks As a new customer with meter readings on time is ridiculous.


It looks like you’re submitting your readings at the wrong time. The only way to get a statement that doesn’t end on an estimated reading is to submit an actual reading 1-2 days before your statement date. For you, this means submitting your reading on either 6th or 7th of December.

If you gave a reading on 28th November, then this should have appeared on your statement. But the period from 29th November to 8th December would still have been estimated, with an estimated reading closing the statement on 8th December.

Does your reading given on 28th November show up on your statement anywhere, or not at all?

What have Bulb customer service said about this when you’ve contacted them?

EDIT: It doesn’t really make sense that your payment date is apparently the 4th, while your statement date appears to be the 8th. Are you sure it’s not the other way around? The payment date is always a day or two after the statement date.

Yeah my readings where taken on the 28th I went live on the 30th October payment came out 4th November changed my payment date to the 8th December moving forward my payment date on pay day. Not spoke to customer service yet. It was out of hours I originally posted this

Ok, you’re definitely submitting at the wrong time. But your readings should still be showing up somewhere on your statement. If not, contact Bulb to check what’s happening.


I’m new to bulb, bought a house that was supplied by them, thought I’d give them a go, submit reading when we got the keys and the same date for the last 2 mounts, they keep estimating readings and not taking my actual readings, now there saying I’m over 200 in debit? Am using £130 a month in gas?! This can be right!

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I had similar problem the first bill was £216 on a low usage household a 2 bedroom flat here where no one is in during the week my direct debit was set at £66 but never expected to pay more than about £85 max with bulbs unit rates and standing charges I’ve given meter readings and they estimated the first ones.

Absolute rip off 1 month £216 they’re saying it’s right but I’ve changed to octopus now on their fixed rate tarrif.

So you’ve switched to a company with higher unit rates and standing charges, just because there was some issue with your initial readings and first bill? Doesn’t sound like the most financially sensible thing to do.

Clearly there was a problem with your initial readings, which would have been resolved eventually. I mean, you can work out yourself what the bill should be based on your meter readings, so you know if it’s right or not. It’s not difficult. Oh well, it’s your money if you want to end up paying more …


Octopus is actually cheaper in my postcode and fixed rates with it being the only which recommended energy provider 2 years in a row with 5 stars on trust pilot and 15.000 decent customer reviews

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