Bulb, Fix these metering issues

Hi, bulb. You seem to have this issue with billing/metering now, The first issue was when I changed from normal meters to smart(dumb) meters. Around 3 months later, Bulb stopped billing me properly, though the direct debit was still going in. Though I can’t post a screenshot on here due to lots of information there, bulb was massively overcharging me without me realising. I realised this around 3 months after it started to happen. Bulb had overcharged me by over £600. In their credit, they were VERY fast to resolve this and I had a nice little package of 600 for the summer. More recently, I just had to have my main powerline replaced due to a pole that was months from snapping due to rotting. This was done by my network operator, and the meter had to be disconnected due to a new main fuse being required. This was done by siemens (and they wrongly charged me for it, but that’s an ongoing dispute) but once again my account went into this weird state where they stopped billing me but continued to take the direct debit. it also said it had accepted my meter reading in email, but actually hadent accepted them.

Bulb you should really have an automated system where if a statement is not produced, alarm bells should be ringing at your end and it should be fixed automatically. I don’t want to have to be manually working out how much I’m using in winter, in a fully electric household. I shouldn’t have to be on hold for 2 hours with 3 call attempts because your systems have broken again. Once you get through, your support agents are very friendly and easy to understand, and generally fix the problem quickly.

Hi @izzyhunt

Thanks for your post and feedback.

We’re working on ways so that we can fix bill failures, if and when they arise. We do our best to find and resolve these as quickly as we can, but they can occur for many different reasons which makes it more complicated to keep a track on unfortunately. However, we’re looking for solutions all the time and we hope to have a more automated system in place very soon.

I can see your account is currently up to date and your statements are being produced each month as expected which is great. We’ll keep you updated on your open complaint regarding the charge for the new meter which I can see is still being investigated.

Freya :bulb:

I’ve just been searching the forum for posts reflecting my recent experience. This one is close, but not quite the same.
I’m going to post shortly, with a heading something like ‘retrospective meter reading adjustments’.