Bulb Gas - a by-product of the meat industry!

@anna good to know that we’re doing the right thing then :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

We’ve been thinking about this more recently. It’s so great to see so many members discussing this, so we thought it was important to really think about it. We’ve come up with a comparison that we thought was interesting.

Biomethane from pigs uses animal manure in exactly the same way as growing organic vegetables. If fact, you get more bang for your buck as you get renewable power, reduce methane emissions as well as getting delicious vegetables. Triple win.

Here’s a blog we’ve written about it - Green gas is as veggie friendly as organic carrots


At Bulb our promise is to bring renewable energy at an affordable price, and to keep our pricing simple. Simply put, everyone should be on our best tariff without having to worry about whether they could save more by juggling their tariffs about.

@will totally re the transparency, and add to that the fact you are listening. That’s why we chose to switch to you! :slight_smile:

In a nutshell, this is why I switched too. Please don’t change your vision for Bulb, or lose your honesty and willingness to engage in discussion with your customers.

Some very thought provoking posts in this thread.


Don’t worry, we’re pretty invested in the whole listening thing :slight_smile: We know we’ll end up with something better when our members are as involved as they can be, so that’s what we’re doing. I’m just so glad that you like it.

well done on the transparency. always difficult balances and an issue i think needs to be kept under review as many customers that like Bulb may well have sympathies that lie against intensive farming, so although i understand the line in your blog i think finding alternative green gas supplies is something bulb should look towards sourcing in the future. it is a balance about being a renewable energy company at low cost set against ethical values and standards that may make that aim harder to achieve. I think if bulb commits to regularly reviewing this and actively looking to source alternatives for its green gas then a compromise can be achieved. Like others it is difficult to support something that may promote intensive farming, but i also want affordable renewable energy!

Thanks @dch, we do try. A very insightful post. We’ll definitely continue to look for more sources of green gas, but as you can appreciate our priority and mission with gas is to become greener before trying to tackle other goals.

This has continued to highlight just how important it is for us to communicate clearly about this, so we’ll do just that when expanding our green gas. Thanks again.

Damn, your electric is significantly cheaper than ecotricity for us but since we can’t get gas only from ecotricity we’re going to have to take their gas and electric. Their green gas is vegan, it comes from grass grown on marginal land and in rotation with food crops. Good for the animals, the soil, and the farmers, with no threat to food production. Its great that you’re open and honest about your methods and that you’re thinking about the meat (and dairy I hope) industries. It would be great to see you using alternative biogas sources in the future. Good luck! Veggies/vegans better head to ecotricity for now!

Hi @jennie_wren that’s a shame, but we wish you luck with Ecotricity. If you can’t use our power then we’re glad that you’re able to find someone who can provide what you need.

All the best,


In response to Will’s question below - A free packet of lentils for every customer? Maybe do a tie in with a supermarket so you just email out a voucher? Challenge every customer to swap just one meat meal for a lentil meal.

Do you have any suggestions on how we could help the average person reduce their meat consumption?

Ooh, interesting idea @rossthered. Definitely not one we’d thought of before.

I wonder what would be the best way to make this happen… We’ve thought about sending people a physical welcome gift before, so maybe we could put it in that with a tasty recipe if we ended up doing that. But your voucher idea is also pretty good too, plus it gets around the possible issue with posting food. I’ll have to do some reading up on what is and isn’t allowed with that.

It’s a great idea and a great challenge for the member, however we end up implementing it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @will - Glad your digging the lentil idea - I really think a tie in with a responsible supermarket could be the way here, Waitrose springs to mind, they have a good lentil range and an ethical farming policy, they might really like the idea of teaming up with a green energy company too.

Yeah man. One follow up idea that we had in the team was to team up with a healthy eating company like Mindful Chef that provides ingredients right to your door. We could include a voucher for a veggie meal or something inside the welcome pack.

We’re still thinking about whether a physical welcome pack is right for us. We think it could be really cool, but we still have to look into how it would work, what it would cost us, etc. Definitely a great idea though!

@will - mindful chef looks good :slight_smile:

Hi, I have only just signed up to join, but as a vegan this does not sit well with me. Can I please cancel my contract with you. You may not have yet started the ball rolling so I am hoping by letting you know soonest, it will be better for all parties. I will have to switch to Ecotricity too, although it is dearer, its roughly the same I am paying with EON anyway. Thanks.

Hi julwait, I’ve cancelled your switch to us now. I’m sorry that you decided that you can’t join us.

Is the fact that we supply our energy from animals an irreconcilable problem that we’ll never be able to fix for you? Or is there anything we could do to help you feel that it’s ok?

Heya Will, I am looking to switch and like how you think/listen but cannot be a part of the meat industry so will look at Ecotricity now. I admire what you are doing though and hope you manage to find a way that doesn’t involve animal cruelty. All the best and God bless.

Hiya @gillymilly, it’s a shame to not have you join us, but you have to do what’s best for you. I hope you find what you’re looking for!


Hi Will,
I too am just in the process of switching to you, my main interest at the time was to support a company that didn’t support fracking, but as a vegan I am now in a conundrum as I had missed this part about the piggeries - which I only found out about when I wanted to understand why only 10% of your gas is green compared to the impressive 100% electricity.

I have been very impressed with the above thread, and your responses, as well as my experience in the switch process to date, but knowingly paying money into an industry that is so cruel to animals sits uneasily with me.

In response to your question to others thinking about leaving “is there anything we could do to help you feel that it’s ok”, I am wondering what this would be for me. My answers in this moment is to have your reassurance that such green energy sources would be phased out and replaced by vegan friendly sources within a set timeframe - perhaps a year or two. Also, to have some reassurance about the standard of care of the animals this energy comes from in the meantime. Have you visited the piggeries? What is your impression of the conditions the pigs live in? Whilst I would love that nobody ate meat, I appreciate that we all have our own ethical standpoints on this. It is impossible to be truly ‘ethical’ in this world we live in, and, like you said, we need to choose our priorities. That said, I strongly feel that at the very least, animals we eat be treated with respect.

ps. I am not feeling at all grumpy - like my automatic profile pic would imply!

Hi @saskia - I wanted to jump in as @will is currently away. I know he has been involved in this discussion for a long time and will be keen to respond. He gets back next week and he’ll jump on the community to respond to your really interesting points on this subject then if that’s okay! Thanks for taking the time to write. It’s really interesting to hear your thoughts after giving it so much consideration.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to mention that there are a multitude of anaerobic digestion plant types including municipal waste, and sewerage. I also know for a fact that at least one water utility company has started to export digestion gas into the grid. Could you please look into taking advantage of these resources? Biomethane from sewage may also in part be animal byproduct however silige disposal via this route tends to be at a cost to the ‘farm’ which personally I would find acceptable. I also have concerns about the piggery profiting from the sale of gas, increasing the fiscal viability of animal agriculture definitely seems like a step backwards undoing your good work by finding GHG intensive practices.