Bulb gets a mention on TV

Not sure if you’re aware of this yet, but you got a mention from money-man Martin Lewis on This Morning today. He was talking about comparison sites for energy companies. He said about the Big Six & then was a bit dismissive about lesser-known companies you can find on the site which he wouldn’t recommend, but then said there’s a sweet spot of a few companies you can see who have been around for a few years & have good deals & good customer relations. He mentioned 3 companies in particular & Bulb was one of them. So well done to you & well done to me for choosing you. :slight_smile:

Heya @Merv60

Thanks for sharing that with us. We didn’t see it but I’ll find the clip and share with the whole company.

So pleased that you’re happy with Bulb. And agreed, well done you for being switch savvy. It’s great that so many more people across the UK are taking time to think how much they’re paying for their energy and choosing to go green.

Hi Eleanor. I can’t see the clip on YouTube but the whole programme should be available from Catch-Up on the ITV Hub, it was in the early part of the show, about 15 - 20 minutes in.


Thanks for the tip @Merv60

28mins in.
Martin starts talking at 23mins, after “I’m marrying my duvet”!!

28mins in. Martin starts talking at 23mins, after "I'm marrying my duvet"!!

:stuck_out_tongue: I’ll look out for that bit!