Bulb going to increase my monthly payment without my consent

Although I am in the black Bulb are threatening to increase my monthly payments by more than £100. I have contacted them and told them they have no right to do that. I prefer to top up if getting too much behind. They have ignored my correspondence so far and if its not sorted out by the time the payment is due I will cancel the DD and go elsewhere.


Hi @john.moyes900, thanks for getting in touch here. I’m going to take a look at your account for you and drop you an email so we can discuss this.

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They have done the same with me. I was paying £50 a month and now they want me to pay over £300, it’s an absolute joke…
Sent several emails, they keep telling me it’s correct. Even though when I bought the property last year and first reading was estimated and so low, when I gave them an actual reading, they clearly think I’m paying for the whole block of flats heating.
Last reply was, sorry you’re having difficulties paying your bill, please contact a debt charity. How about you calculate my bill correctly as my email was asking. I have cancelled my direct debit and within a day I received an email saying there seems to be an issue with your direct debit… Really… :woman_facepalming:


Hi @DollyD,

Welcome to Bulb’s community, thanks for your post.

I’m really sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the increase to your direct debit. We have a responsibility to you to ensure that you’re paying enough into the account to cover usage and any outstanding debit, but we of course understand that sometimes this is unsustainable and we’re happy to discuss what we can do to help.

I’ve sent you an email so we can take a look at the readings in the account to make sure the balance is accurate, and so we can take a look at what we can do to lower your payments as well.


Unless they are running a cannabis factory, I fail to see how anyone can spend £300 per month in a flat. Is there no one in Bulb with common sense? My account currently shows £236 in credit (as Bulb have failed to invoice me correctly) yet you are still asking me to increase my monthly dd as well. Just as we are heading into summer…


Yeah I moved in, September last year, everything was fine, but now between March 28th and April 27th,apparently I burned £300’s worth of electricity, I fail to see how

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Hi @euan2910,

I see you’re already speaking to my colleague @holly_at_bulb who is investigating your issue for you. We see you have quite a complicated meter setup, but we’d love to send out an engineer to check out your meter once we can arrange an engineer visit!

Currently, meter jobs have been suspended in Scotland, but we’ll contact you once we have been given the green lights to proceed with a job booking :relaxed:

Same for me and they have been working on estimated readings as my meter has stopped talking to the smart meter and the display is corrupt. Have tried to contact everyday this week with no operators available. Really getting me down-there must be better providers out there

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Hi @JJB20, welcome to community :wave:

I am really sorry that your electricity meter is not sending us automatic readings and that this is getting you down. I can see that you’ve been in touch today with my colleague Montana, who has requested to reboot your Communications hub which will hopefully fix this issue. This hub is the part of your meter setup that sends readings to Bulb and to your in-home display.

I’ve made sure that your payment will remain the same. Hopefully, the reboot will be completed in 3 weeks.

Any questions, let us know on here or get back to Montana via email if it’s personal to your account.

I hope that this sorts the issue for you, but get in touch if you need an update at any time.

Take care,

Niamh :bulb:

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