Bulb has an incorrect starting meter read

I switched to bulb on 29th July 2018 with a final meter read at old supplier of 94747 (and therefore was the opening reading given to Bulb)
For some reason on my bulb energy graph they have a meter read of 84373 (estimated) on 30th July.

Given I gave bulb exact readings, why on earth has a reading appeared which is so wrong - the site is now telling me I already have a bill of over £1000!

I’m always intrigued how these situations occur since it isn’t rocket science. Based on my personal experience nothing of this sort of problem occurred.

Is this what happened or should have happened?

  1. About 5 days before your switch to Bulb on 29 July you would have been requested to supply a meter reading. Bulb would have then supplied this reading to your previous after validation by a third party.

This would serve as the closing reading for your previous supplier to produce their final bill and at the same time the opening reading for Bulb.

  1. Have you received your final bill from your previous supplier showing final meter reading of 94747?

  2. If you switched on 29 July you should have received your first bill in the last couple of days which apparently you say is showing an opening reading of 84373 (estimated on 30 July)…

  3. For you your first bill from Bulb (supplied in the last couple of days) did you supply them with a meter reading, if so is this reflected in your bill.

Hope it gets sorted out?

Hi Allanr.

  1. Yes bulb did ask for a reading which was provided and my previous supplier has this value
  2. This same value is present on my final bill from previous supplier (94747)
  3. I don’t think I have received an itemised bill from bulb, presently it is set at £40/month DD. I received a “monthly payment reminder” only. However their tool estimates my monthly use to be ~£150 pounds because of this initial read and first month difference in units used.
  4. I have supplied up to date meter reads today.

Essentially they are out on the initial read by nearly 10,000 units somehow despite being given accurate reads and my previous supplier sending a final bill confirming the final read of 94747. I checked my bills from old supplier and as far back as June 2017 my reading was still only 87893 (even then still above the opening read that bulb have posted!)

It is probably worth noting that my previous supplier have backbilled me from June 2017 (reading 87893) until Jul 29th 2018 (94747) - a big bill! and I don’t know if that is the cause of this issue or not, but it shouldn’t be. I wonder whether initially British gas sent them an old reading at supply changeover as it has taken them a month or two to sort out my final bill because of that (only received it a few days ago)

Just to mention this is an open forum and not to mention any personal details.

Your situation is something that Bulb needs to sort out.

It is weird that you have a had a bill from your old supplier covering the period June 2017 to 29 July and as you say it shouldn’t be the cause of Bulb not using an opening reading of 94747. There is a validation process by a third party which does any necessary reconciliation so at the end of the day it means the opening reading for a new supplier must match the closing reading of the old supplier

I know - I haven’t included any personally identifiable information.

I was under the impression Bulb staff checked these forums - I have seen them respond many times to these questions however I guess I can put it in a direct email to them instead.

Many thanks

Bulb staff do regularly check and respond on these forums.

Unfortunately not everyone who posts here realise it is an open forum which can be seen by many.

If I had an issue with my account I would contact the Bulb team direct, general queries I post here.

@Szico_VII Are you able to send us a photo of your electricity meter by email so we can make sure we get this corrected for you?

Hi @“DanP at Bulb”

How would a photo of the meter help you to correct the incorrect initial reading? How would I send it to you?

Many thanks

Hi there @Szico_VII we’ll use the picture of the meter as a backup, along with any other readings we’ve had from you, when we talk to your old supplier about getting that final reading (our first reading) changed. Sometimes they need photographic evidence to prove that the backups we’re using are correct. If you could fire that picture over to help@bulb.co.uk that’d be great.