Bulb has been charging me for two meters since I switched

Hey just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. I switched from an EV tariff with British Gas to Bulb about 14 months ago. Since I joined Bulb their app which I use to upload meter readings has two input fields which are both the same. As the app doesn’t say its wrong I added my one meter reading twice. On my bill it states meter reading one and meter reading two and I get charged for both.

I was a bit slow with meter readings initially so I was paying the DD amount each month, they would request a reading but I was busy and forgot. They started sending me more forceful messages asking for a reading so I submitted it and this is where my bill was adjusted to say I owed £2000+.

I’ve asked several people at Bulb to check my account and make sure everything was right as the amount of electric they’re saying I’m using is crazy high like 22K KWh per year at a cost of £5500. I would ask the staff at Bulb if they had ever seen a case where the usage was this high for a 4 bed house to which they’d “say yeah it does seem high” but not actually notice that there was an issue.

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this? I’ve just discovered this after doing some investigation and emailed them the info so I’ve not received anything back yet. I’d like to get this ASAP as they’ve just increased my monthly DD to £480 pcm :frowning:

Hey @spenjankowski Welcome to our community :wave:

Firstly I just wanted to thank you for letting the community team know about the issue and we are really sorry you have had to deal with this, those high bills would be stressful and we apologise that contact with our staff prior did not help here.

I have just done an investigation myself into your account and noticed you came over to us on a 1 rate as Bulb could only offer you a 1 rate at the time however the details we got given in the data were that your meter had 2 registers, this is what you mean by 2 meters.

Essentially this showed on your bill as 2 rates both at the same price so you were being charged wrong there and we apologise.

This may have been due to the fact you used to be on the EV.

What we have done is deleted the incorrect 2nd charge and will be rebilling you for what you should have been charged in the first place, once this bill is approved and ensured its all compliant we will be able to adjust your direct debit to a more reasonable and reflective amount to what you actually use. Would you happen to know the meter reading you had when the account started in October 2020? We will make sure thats accurate to what we have here

This situation should have been resolved before so we again apologise for it dragging on as it has done, we will raise feedback here.

If you have any further questions just let us know.

–Carl :bulb:

Hey Carl, first off thank you for replaying and for digging in and getting back to me I very much appreciate it. It’s been very stressful receiving a massive bill and paying double for the electric we have used and feeling like no one is listening when we say something isn’t right.

I think you’re right as I assume the EV tariff I was on with BG needed two readings but they pulled that from the meter automatically so I never saw it and when I switched it looks like that was pulled over. I’ve checked back through my emails and all I have is confirmation I uploaded the reading via the app not what it was.

I assume that I’ll be refunded the amount I’ve overpaid which is a considerable amount? Do we know how long that might take? Over the past few months despite asking for someone to check my account for issues I’ve had to make one off top ups of very large amounts from my savings.

Again thanks for the excellent and swift service its taken a lot of stress of me already.