Bulb has connected to my smartmeter


Bulb can now remotely read my meter from the 10th November. Just have a few questions:

Will I still have to submit meter readings? What about between the 1st and 9th November inclusive?

Now it gives me a how much I’m using, will I still have to pay a fixed DD every month, or will I be charged the price it shows on the IHD?

And just a trivial point really, why does the IHD show how much CO2 I’m using? Isn’t it the point that Bulb is carbon Neutral?



Bulb sell carbon neutral leccy, but the appliances in your house produce CO2

Hi @agorton1979,

  1. As we can now remotely read your meters you won’t need to submit meter readings to your account anymore :slightly_smiling_face: You can of course if you would like to.

  2. You will still need to pay your DD amount each month. This is as we bill you for your energy in advance rather than on receipt of bill.

  3. As Skippy rightfully aid, the gadgets in your home will still produce CO2 so your IHD will show you roughly how much is being produced :+1:

I had a smart meter installed on 10 November. After installation my wireless thermostat would not work. I contacted bulb but had no reply. I have tried again and again but they don’t communicate. My heating doesn’t work. I am over 65 have a visual impairment and a degenerative neurological condition. HELP!

I hope Bulb get back to you but I wouldnt be too hopeful. As a lay person can I suggest you contact your boiler engineer if you have boiler/ home insurance. I had my smart meter installation cancelled in February and still heard nothing.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll do that.