Bulb has different charges depending on where you live!

I was wondering if anyone was aware of this. Last month I queried my bill increase and too my shock my gas bill had increased by 24%. I queried this with the cust services rep and she told me its because other parts of the country have different rates.

When I said I demand to be on the same rate as everybody else for the same gas, service etc. I raised a complaint and still not heard anything. So it looks like my increase is subsidising someone else in another part of the country.

Network costs are different in different areas. This is reflected in your standing charge and daily rate.

There have been no price increases since about this time last year so your gas bill has increased due to either estimates or an increase in gas.

Don’t confuse your monthly payments with your bill.

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Yes, I think most people are.
It’s not a choice of Bulb’s making - see

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This is one of the reasons why Bulb Customer Services are struggling. They are being swamped by queries and complaints from customers who just don’t understand how energy supply works.


@xxx i couldn’t agree more. It’s painful to read some of these complaints!!!


Yes, absolutely everyone except you.

No it hasn’t. Your direct debit might have changed. Or you might have had a catch-up gas bill due to previous bill being based on estimates rather than an actual meter reading. But your gas bill has absolutely not increased by 24%.

You already are.

As noted by others, what a way to waste the time of customer services.


Ooh somebody is angry…not to mention time to burn…

When the person on the other end of the phone says that the bill has gone up by 24% when I pressed her , she confirmed…you know why…I knew it had, she knew I had because we were both looking at the same figures!!

Bore off with pretence of Knowledge of how the world works! Surely there is another hobby out there!!

Chat I can never seem to use, phone 20 minutes without an answer this morning and my complaint if I didn’t reply within 14 days (have replied to twice) would be quashed!!

Had no clue of this, then again why would I! Thanks for posting though, person at Bulb couldn’t tell me when I asked!

Since I haven’t been notified of a price increase, could you please quote your unit rates (pence per kWh) showing the 24% price increase? I’d like to compare it to what I’m paying. Thanks!

Wow that was quick…I will stick with the experts thanks not the pretenders or the ‘plants’

Get a hobby!!

@colm1russell did you receive an email saying the tariff had gone up because no one else has, and i assure you, had others had such an email this forum would be flooded with people moaning. I don’t think there has been an increase for over a year, so i would expect it was just your DD that has been put up


@colm1russell Maybe you should compare the unit rates of your previous and current bill.

I can absolutely guarantee that the unit rate will be the same.

Also have you not taken into account that the temperature has dropped from 13C to about 4 in a month so naturally you are going to be using more gas.

Your persistent anger and apparent lack of understanding of how energy supply works is actually quite amusing. You’re having a go at @Hooloovoo particularly just because they are pointing out the flaws in your arguments.

Every postcode area in the UK has a unique energy price due to the prices the national grid charge to get the relevant energy to properties. Bulb have one tariff and will send you an email if your tariff is due to change. This is down to wholesale costs charged to the energy supplier.


Interestingly, I heard a British Gas advert on the radio this morning which clearly ended with a statement “prices vary by post code”.

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colm1russell get a life never mind a hobby