Bulb have emoptied my bank account this month

This a copy of the email just sent to help@bulb.co.uk im livid

Dear bulb,

you have made a complete mess of this account and over billed me massively to the point you have almost emptied my bank account!

I have submitted meter readings on the website many times and emailed to tell you the website does not appear to work and i forward those emails in thiss email so dont tell me I havent submitted readings to you, yet you continue to take money out of my bank account without my authorisation!

I have only authorised you to take £25 monthly by direct debit which can be revised as required but if you check my energy usage you will see this is around the right amount, so why on earth have you taken the amount of money almost for my annual projected usage, in just two months? I am very upset at your conduct and considering reporting you to OFGEM unless you resolve this quickly and return my money.

Here are the meter readings below and attached is photographic evidence of the last two sets since photos where not taken of the start date readings as I didnt anticipate these problems, I want my money returned to my bank account pronto and compensation for your error and maladministration or im changing energy supplier. I was worried about direct debits and you have validated my concern, what on earth are you doing?

If Bulb have taken more than the authorised amount via direct debit, then the quickest way of getting it returned will be to tell your bank. They should reverse the transactions the same day.

Good luck with your complaint to Bulb. Do let us know how you get on!

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Hi @ScotMan,

Thanks for getting in touch through Community, I’m sorry to hear of your distress.

I’ve had a look at the account linked to your email address but I can’t see any requests for a large payment. Your direct debit is currently set at £25 and we haven’t made any attempt to increase this.

I’ve also checked your direct debit with our financial provider who confirmed that we haven’t requested any more money than your monthly direct debit.

It may be that this issue relates to a different Bulb Account, therefore I’ve just responded to your email so I can help you look into this.

Is this the very first direct debit paid to Bulb?

I would anticipate in due course ScotMan will provide the outcome from his serious complaint about the apparent action of Bulb in depleting his bank account?

could be a case of :rage: to soon

I’d say you’ve got it in one. We wont hear back about this.