Bulb have taken over both my gas and electricity but the wrong gas account

My old supplier of gas has confirmed that Bulb has taken over my electricity but not my gas account. Now I am being charged for gas by two suppliers… it takes days for Bulb to respond to my emails with little help or real investigation. My old supplier is available for calls in the evening but bulb is not so I have to rely on receiving emails on an ad hoc basis. I am really shocked this isnt being treated with any level or urgency or constructive action. I wonder if I will even receive a refund.

Hi @H_Gemma_1, although Bulb will be taking monthly payments, they shouldn’t be taking any money out of your Bulb account to pay for your gas if that hasn’t switched yet.

It may simply be that it’s a work in progress, but I don’t work for Bulb so I’m afraid I can’t provide any real answers as to why this has not been resolved yet or why you have not been informed better as to what is occurring.

[@“Will at Bulb”/@“Andrew at Bulb”]

Hi @H_Gemma_1 I’m really sorry that your gas switched was delayed. It looks like my colleague Selina spoke to you last week and a refund is on its way. Hopefully everything is sorted now. Let me know if it isn’t though and we’ll take another look.