Bulb haven't notified my previous energy supplier

Hi there,

I am still getting charged by my energy supplier so I am paying twice for the same amount of energy.

How can I get refunded for this?


You will have arranged a dd with bulb when you switched, however your final readings from the old supplier have to be verified by a 3rd party (Ofgem rules) until this reading has been agreed your old supplier will continue to take a DD and Bulb will have started theirs.
You will not pay for energy twice any excess with your old supplier will be credited back to you and any excess with Bulb can be paid back to your bank. Final readings can take 6 weeks.

Best you contact Bulb and discuss and they can explain. Contact details from the help button above.

In addition to the above, see: Why is my old supplier still charging me? – Bulb

When you say Bulb haven’t notified your previous energy supplier, are you sure your switch has completed at all? It may well be that something has blocked the switch and so you’re actually still with your old supplier. Is there any notification at all in your old account to indicate they know that as switch as been started?