Bulb help I don’t think so

Received an email asking me to update my new debit card details couldn’t find an option to enter the 3 digit security number so I emailed help@bulb and asked for advice,
Just got a reply telling me to contact my bank!!! Probably that question isn’t on their script!

are you not on direct debit? you only should need your account number and sort code, not the 3 digit number. you dont even need the long number of your card.

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Hi @Johno,

I’m really sorry for the frustrating experience you’ve had. If you’re still having issues with your payment information, I would recommend giving us a call on 0300 303 0635.

For all payment related queries it is always best to call as it is the most secure.

Thanks for your reply. Could you explain this to Marissa who seems to think that I need to update me details on my online bank account. Methinks if she doesn’t know the answer it would be better not to reply,