Bulb Help is beyond a joke - second generation smart meter problem

This is getting to be beyond a joke now, with bulb help replying with a stock message for a question I did not ask.

OK, so the problem: I have a second generation smart meter, installed before I switched to Bulb. Since switching, it still shows usage in watts, but for electricity, the cost is now showing as zero. Checking account details, the cost per kWh and the daily standing charge both as 0p, and the
supplier as “P1”.

For gas, it’s sensible - showing 3.67p per kWh and 20.44p daily standing charge, with Bulb listed as the supplier. (Although your website says it’s 3.68p per kWh - which is right?)

Before switching, both worked correctly, so it can work.

The gas error is minor, but the error for electricity has me concerned. Without the correct supplier set, will you get readings? Will the electricity supply network see this as a customer without a billing provider, and shut off power?

The reply from Bulb: A stock message about how first generation smart meters can’t handle the switch.