Bulb, I don't want a smart meter. Get over it

For the love of god you have got to chill out with the advertising about Smart Meters or I’m going to lose my mind. I’m getting hit up by text, email & letter constantly.

Your service is good but the frequency that you are pushing smart meters is moronic. Especially as I already have one and live in rented accommodation. Both things that prohibit me having a new smart meter from bulb.

Work it out.


Hey @Rossmarshall0

That’s okay if you don’t want one! Sorry you’ve received a lot of emails from us. We can add you to our smart meter refusal list so you won’t receive comms from us anymore. I’ve done that for you

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Can you add me to the same list please, I am also getting fed up with the constant emails and texts, I don’t want a smart meter

@Joanne2711 Sure no problem at all- just for our records would you mind letting us know why you wouldn’t want one? :relaxed:

Not heard one single positive feedback, I am totally happy as I have been since joining Bulb to submit my own readings

Hi @Joanne2711

Thank you for the feedback, we’ll update our records accordingly.

Please continue to submit your readings as usual :smiley:

Nathan :bulb:

Please do not send anymore emails about instaling a meter as i will not have one in my property,if you insist i wil change supliers. Thank you.*

Hi @dinahprice

They’re not compulsory- I’ve added you to the refusals list to stop receiving comms about them :slight_smile:

I’ve had several emails and texts and letters about smart meters. I DO NOT WANT ONE. And I have told you countless times. Every single time I complain about this you tell me so sorry we wont send you any more, and then I get more. Yes I understand it takes time for lists to update but it should not take that long, and it is very clear something is broken at your end.
I will be writing a complaint letter if I ever find the complaints address


@embeeken we’ve made a note on your account about not wanting to be contacted, I’m sorry this doesn’t seem to have been recorded and we contacted you about it more than once.

You can definitely email us at the address @stevefoster posted above, and you can find our complaints procedure here. :relaxed:

I also don’t want a smart meter now, and I’ve almost got to the point of switching suppliers to stop the spam.

Emails (too many to count) I can ignore. Texts (9 in 6 months) are a bit harder to ignore. But when you actual call me in the middle of the working day? Final straw.

It’s been suggested that the ICO might be interested in this no-purchase, no-consent marketing approach, similar to the Amex case resolved in May 2021. Please, for your own good, make it stop for everyone.

Hi @gricehead,

Welcome to community!!! :wave: Thanks for your post.

I am sorry to hear you are still being contacted in respects to smart meters. I have added you to the smart refusal list just now.

You should no longer receive updates about smart but if you do, please let us know and we can look into this further.

– Daisy :bulb:

Please, please stop sending me letters about smart meters. Like the other people on here, I don’t want one!
If I haven’t replied to any of the (at least) 10 letters, then I’m not likely to want one.
If you stopped this nonsense then maybe the bills would be lower?

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Hi @Dave_W

Welcome to the community :wave:

Thank you for your post and for letting us know you aren’t interested in smart meters, sorry you had been contacted about this more than once.

I’ve added you to our smart refusal list, so you won’t be contacted about getting smart meters any more.

All the best

Eleanor :blush:

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Thanks very much Eleanor!

I would also like to be removed.
It feels like every other day I receive a smart meter letter from bulb. It is the only paper mail I get and seems a little on the environment un-friendly side.

Please can I be added to the list? The constant letters and emails are bordering on harassment now. I too DO NOT WANT A SMART METER.

@Ele_at_Bulb Smart refusal list here too please Eleanor!
More than happy to take the burden of contacting you if / when we decide to get one, but will save you the trouble of chasing us in the meantime.
May I suggest that you add the option to go onto this refusal list in your emails to make it easier for others, maybe add it to your smart meter FAQ section as well? Wasn’t aware until today there was a refusal list.
Wishing you and them team well in these difficult times.

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Bulb… Please Stop the emails, texts, and letters telling me that smart meters are being installed in my area. I NEVER want one installed in my house. Don’t see the need for them at all. Everyone can take a meter reading, it’s not rocket science.