Bulb ignoring my meter reading

I made a stupid mistake and have given incorrect electric meter readings - the combined total of my daytime and nighttime rates instead of the daytime rate. This made my bills skyrocket - it looked like I was £2000 in debt! I’ve now recorded the correct readings on the app, including taking a photo. I’ve also done the same by email. But Bulb are ignoring me and it’s so frustrating. They were only too happy to take an obviously far too high reading. But now they don’t want to take the correct one. I am paying £165/month because it looks like I need to pay off a massive debt, but I use around £80 (combined gas and leccy). How can I get their attention? I’ve tried switching to Octopus but they won’t allow that until I’ve paid off my non existent debt.

Welcome to our Bulb community @Padstowsmum. I’m really sorry that it took a while to get hold of us, things have been very busy recently.

I can see that this was resolved by my colleague a few days ago and your account looks in ship shape again :ship: Let us know if we can help with anything else :bulb:

Hi. This problem was resolved but now I am waiting again for you to update my account with correct meter readings and to close the account. You are once again showing my account as being in debit based on inaccurate estimates (which I have corrected).

Hi @Padstowsmum

I’ve just sent you an email regarding your most recent bill :grinning: