Bulb ignoring my readings

I’ve submitted meter readings and photos of the meters as evidence on 2nd February 2021 and am still waiting for you to react. Sums up my experience of Bulb, everything done when Bulb feel like it; poor customer service, lack of continuity or consistency and I simply don’t know where I am with regard to use or accurate cost.
This farce regarding our meter has been going on for 15 months. After numerous emails and complaints Bulb gave us £100 compensation and agreed their customer service had been non existent. The compensation arrived nearly 3 months ago but there has been no change in the service I receive.

Hey @SimonBurrow - welcome to Community!

I see you’ve had a complaint in which we’ve issued our final position on the matter. Please can you reply there and my colleague who was dealing with this will be able to get back to you?


Hi Georgie,

I have emailed the guy (Dan or Danny) who was dealing with this many times and have received no replies. Your forum confirms that Many other people are trying to give you accurate meter readings and are being completely ignored! What else can we do?