Bulb IHD + Solar


Just got PV system installed. Does my IHD show net takedown from the grid i.e. its factoring in what I am producing in Solar or is it showing total usage regardless if its from Grid or Solar?


Hi any comments - I am assuming it showing what I am taking from the grid (so not including what I am producing)?

Wish I could tell you… This was one of the reasons why I changed to SMETS2 meters with Bulb, but incompetence has left me with a dumb meter.

I don’t know about getting specific data in your dashboard or in SmartThings because my system isn’t (yet) producing any data external of the realtime display (and I can’t connect it to wifi) but what I can say is that when your PV is working then you’ll see a symbol on the IHD homescreen. The realtime cost goes down as well. I have seen it show a cost of zero but a variable draw depending on what’s using electricity so I’m hopeful those metrics should be available.