Bulb in Spain reduces prices

I have a property in Spain and am considering moving to Bulb from Iberdrola
Just had email from them in price reduction
So if they can do it in Spain why not here ?
This is translated using google translate

Now we are 8.6% cheaper

Good news! We lower our prices: now the kWh goes from € 0,1307 to € 0,1195. In addition, we continue to charge the minimum regulated price per power of € 0.1039.

The price of electricity has been gradually decreasing in recent months. In Bulb we keep our word and transfer the savings to our users. On average, they will save € 41 more per year.

If you want to take advantage of these prices, you can hire by clicking on this button:


Do you want to know how much you would save yourself?
Answer this email with a recent electricity bill and we calculate your savings.

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Rip off Britain is alive and well.

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