Bulb increase my monthly payment from £80+ to over £124

Bulb increase my monthly oayment from £80+ to over £124. I have already set it in payment because there’s no way I can avoid that amount, I work 2 days and I’m not on any benefits. I just start with your organisation and they’ve started raising the payment already. I’m thinking of running back out, I’ve never pay that amount to my privous providers.

This post details how Bulb calculate the recommended DD payments. Just a comment that most of the time the email is a suggestion or recommendation to increase/decrease your DD payments and not an attempt to notify you of Bulb unilaterally increasing your DD payments.

If you can’t afford your payments, you should consider alternative options;

(1) seek advice on whether or not you are entitled to any benefits, Citizen Advice is a good place to start.
(2) Reduce your energy consumption, there are many charities out there that can help advice on energy saving and some come to your home and help you identify energy easy energy saving tips that is tailored to your unique circumstances (Scotland has a Charity called Scarf)
(3) Contact Bulb directly and not through the forum to discuss your particular set of circumstances and they maybe able to provide further advice and assistance. How can I get in touch with Bulb?