Bulb increased my Direct Debit by over 100%

I got an email from Bulb on Friday 30th October (at 6:38 pm) that my monthly Direct Debit of £62.46 would be £142.94, with the option of changing it to £128.66 (which is still too much for me). This payment would come off my account on Monday 2nd November. I called them over the phone the following day, but their automated message stated their phone lines are only available on Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm.

They took out the £142.94, and I switched to another supplier within the week. However, I am utterly amazed to receive a phone call from Bulb today being Saturday at 9:15 am, to confirm my energy supplier switch. Unfortunately, they said I did not pass a security question so they could not continue the discussion. I called them back (the same number) later but was answered by the same automated message that they only open their phone lines on Monday to Friday.

Should I be waiting for more surprises?!

I switched online, I didn’t have any calls whatsoever from Bulb. This should, and could be handled entirely by email and text if they need to. They certainly texted me when I cancelled the DD.

They sent me a text yesterday, which required me to reply “STAY” if I don’t want to leave. However, there was no reply phrase for me to confirm the switch, so I didn’t reply.

If you do nothing, the switch will proceed.

Energy suppliers are allowed to contact you about a switch away from them, but they’re not generally allowed to interfere with the process (except in specific circumstances). These “did you mean to switch” contacts are designed to prevent people being switched without their knowledge by shysters, and give you a chance to stop an unexpected/unintended switch.

Hi @coajayi

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We are sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience with us.

We did recently do a payment review and as you recently uploaded meter reads (and these were higher than we had been estimating) your last bill was a lot higher than the bills before. We therefore used this to project your winter usage to make sure you do not fall into debt.

We have been doing these calls to make sure that members switches were intentional and also so we can improve our services. These calls are done by a separate team to our main office which is why you wouldn’t have got through to them when you called in.

I can understand that this is confusing and not a good service to receive, thank you for your feedback which I shall pass on to the team about the switch calls.

If you had any further questions please let me know.