Bulb is not refunding costs related to switch from EON and other issues


I had been in dispute with Bulb following switch from EON.
1/ Firstly Bulb claimed I was giving them incorrect meter reading and charging me exagereted estimated
2/ After switch and already paying to Bulb I received another bill from EON for £80 quid and Bulb refused to cover it.
3/ In account as setup by Bul address is incorrect
Any advise in the above problems with Bulb would be appreciated.
Thank you

First off you need to make a formal complaint to Bulb as described in their document at: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001228431-Making-a-complaint

Make sure you retain all necessary correspondence between you and Bulb otherwise your case will be somewhat weakened if it is taken to the Energy Ombudsman.

Other than the above, I don’t see how customers can provide specific advice as they don’t have access to your account.

Dont get confused with Exit fees and final Bill…
Bulb will pay your exit fees from Eon but do not pay your final Bill for gas & elec from Eon.
I have moved to another supplier but I assume the above still applies.

Hi @darius.brit and welcome to our Community ,

I can see that you currently have an open complaint with my colleague Clemmie about this case. It is best to keep everything in the complaint thread so if you do decide to escalate this complaint it is all in one place. Equally, we’re limited to how much we can discuss here due to data security. If you have more questions about this specific case I recommend replying to Clemmie’s last email.

From what I can see, this bill from EDF was sent after the dispute was resolved. This would be because the dispute process was to change the opening/closing reading because it started too high with Bulb. Therefore, when this reading was corrected it also changed the final reading with EDF so they needed to update your final bill to what was used whilst you were with them.

Furthermore, we only cover exit fees up to £60 per fuel and not final bills based on usage.