Bulb is providing gas as well as electricity in my quote. Renewable gas you say?

How is gas renewable and how can I be sure that their sources aren’t from fracking


Local landowners near Oxford have transformed 1.8 hectares of farmland into a gas-to-grid Anaerobic Digestion Plant. The plant turns local maize and wet pig slurry into biomethane gas, which is then injected into the gas grid at higher-than-average pressures. It looks prettier than it sounds…

Above is a quote from bulb blog https://bulb.co.uk/blog/where-is-your-green-energy-from
Bulb’s sources are 100% renewable electricity and 10% gas.

At Bulb, we think it’s really important that you know where your energy comes from. We buy 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas from a number of independent, renewable generators from across the UK.

From more recent blog https://bulb.co.uk/blog/our-generator-community-old-walls-hydro

Fracking is not on bulb’s agenda. B)

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@Sunnyflowerson The reason this biomethane is green is because it is carbon neutral. Before the gas can be burned, releasing CO2 into the atmosphere, the CO2 is first pulled from the atmosphere. So the net effect is that there is less CO2. This is the opposite of natural gas. Since that is a fossil fuel, it adds CO2 to the atmosphere that would have otherwise remained locked up underground.

Burning biomethane has an added benefit of decomposing methane faster. Methane is a much worse greenhouse gas than CO2. About 30 times worse. By burning methane that would have otherwise leaked into the atmosphere, you’re reducing the net greenhouse effect further. Otherwise, it would take a few decades for it to naturally decompose into CO2 on it’s own.

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