Bulb is the worst

Really disappointed with Bulb!
Don’t get notifications on the app your credit is running low so get disconnected without warning.
Plus the app is so out of sync with the smart meter that if I did get notifications it would be too late!
The other day the app said I had £15 at 8:30am but then dead on 9am I get disconnected??? Checked the meter which is outside my property to find I had run out of credit!
Never had these issues with Boost and was much easier because you only had to do one top up and that covered both electric and gas.
What I find funny is I never had any issues whilst I was in my cooling off period?? Can’t switch now!

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Why ever not, you are not tied into a contract with bulb?
You are free to come or go as you please. Without exit fees

Hello @benweb

Thanks for your post on community, sorry that you have had some issues with your account.

The top up emails/ messages are sent out manually so feel free to use the Bulb Account which is updated everyday at midnight after a topup. We are working on increasing the frequency so that there is a live and more up to date meter balance in accordance to what you have used. :bulb:

Bulb do not tie you down to a contract as well incase you was unsure.