Bulb knowingly Overcharging pre-pay customers

Any pre-pay customers I suggest you check what kwh rate you are paying. Here is a copy of the text from an email I sent them Tuesday (7th July)

“since I topped up my meter a few days ago I have noticed an increase in cost despite usage been the same ( clearly usage will vary but as I checked it nearly everyday I found I could “guess” to cost to only a few pence either side.)
However since the top up I have been way out (low) upon checking the day rate shows 19.09 and night rate 13.65. Is this the correct rate(s)
It is significantly more than what I was aware of and is not the price listed on your website which is 15.95 and 8.44 which numbers correspond to what I have written down.”

Their response, which to be fair was very quick, was to ask for pictures of the rates from the meter which were duly sent.

The reply was

"Thanks for sending those over. I’ve raised it with the prepay team who informed me this is a known issue which has affected a number of accounts.

They’re working hard to fix it at the moment and we will compensate any tariff difference once we have."

Since then nothing. If bulb know which they clearly do why haven’t they sent out generic e-mails to potentially affected customers?

Maybe someone from bulb could let me (us - as stated it affects a number of accounts) is going on?


So it’s a glitch which they’re aware of and try to sort out?

Not knowingly overcharging customers in a deliberate manner which is what your topic title insinuates?

With a topic title like that maybe you should consider a career in writing Daily Mail headlines


The title is a 100% accurate and factual. I contacted them about the overcharging to which their response was “yeah we know”, hence the title.
I didn’t use the word deliberate. The topic title used was in hope of it getting a response from bulb which it has so far failed to do.
If the post implies, as you suggest it is a deliberate policy, you might expect an explanation of the said glitch and its resolution…


The bulb accounts system has been broken for quite some time.
They have been working on getting it sorted “soon” for over a year.
I know this doesn’t apply to your particular case, but it may be indicative of a deeper underlying problem.
the word “shill” may apply to a previous poster

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I think is a glitch as well I don’t this the team would deliberately over charge Pre-Pay Meters so far they have been very honest. Also could be human error best wait to see how things go before accusing anyone imo

I haven’t accused anybody I have merely stated the facts as far as I know them. After initially replying to my original email bulb have been totally silent on the subject including of course this post on their own forum.
I assume bulb monitor this forum, or if they don’t it does make the forum somewhat pointless, so perhaps somebody from bulb would like to comment on this “glitch” and when it might be fixed so I am not paying 20% more on the day rate and over 60% on the night rate.

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Maybe they will who knows if this is affecting us all or just one or two of us.
Lets hope so.

exactly bulb could clarify the situation yet we hear nothing.

Yes, Bulb could almost certainly communicate better than they do, particularly on issue management/resolution.

Having said that, your first post in this thread indicated that Bulb did give you the current answer: there is no fix as yet, they’ll compensate you once they do have a fix.

It’s far from ideal, as you’re temporarily being overcharged with no clear indication of when the issue will be resolved - something that you’re [not unreasonably] quite clearly unhappy about.

I think it would be a good idea for you to raise a formal complaint to Bulb on this - that puts pressure on them to get the situation properly resolved to your satisfaction.

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Yep that is exactly what happened to me after connecting to live chat sent a picture of my I (i) display screen and it was 17.88 per kwh and the Night Rate Screen what they call the Tarrif screen had completely disappeared no longer showing on the meter. I was told by email the pre-pay team were going to into this and if needed reimburse me.
So I was ok with this solution.

That does sum up the situation stevefoster. I’, not going to raise a complaint yet I will leave that till Tuesday for them to get back to me.
That will be a week without hearing a thing I don’t think that is an unreasonable time scale to expect to hear at least something even if it’s just we don’t know how to fix it yet.

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That is the same model number i.e ACE9000 KBD as I am using

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The Pre-Pay team has asked me to go to the shop to get my key reset by using a unique code in a list of instructions given to the shop kepper.
This I have done and the Tarrif’s have returned to normal only problem is this method resets the credit in the meter to 0 and left me on the emergency £5.00
Hoping Bulb will reimburse me next time I top up which will be soon now.
Hope someone is listening.

I take they didn’t tell you it would reset to zero?

I got an email saying what to do at the shop and I asked in a reply would this method reset my credit but never got a reply went to the shop reset the key came home sure enough credit was gone I mentioned in the reply how much was on the meter before the key was reset.

Should have a Time when the key was reset on their system and they can quickly workout how much credit was on the meter by calculating my payments and usage so not unduly worried might just take some time to reimburse. Love to know what actually caused the problem at their end though.

Ok the rate did change as I said 14.39 and 1.83 for the scale charge credit of 39-40 wiped off

Now I have just charged the key with £10.00 and the rate reverted back to 17.88 and scale charge 1.86

So nothing has changed except I am minus 40.00 Credit that was wiped of after the reset.

Hi everyone,

We wanted to offer an update on this. This is an issue we are aware of, and our prepay team are working on a solution currently. The problem has come from Paypoint, and topping up at those shops is what’s causing the tariff changes. It has affected a small number of accounts, and has been ongoing no longer than 2 weeks.

Our members can top up as normal at Payzones and the Post Office - this will also revert the incorrect tariff back to the Bulb tariff.

We are making a record of all our members who have been affected by this, and will be providing top up returns and goodwill payments once we confirm the issue is resolved with Paypoint.

:+1: My meter has started working properly since I just topped up at the post office rates have reset themselves to normal. How this has happened I will never know it will take cleverer heads than mine.