Bulb knowingly Overcharging pre-pay customers

Pat on the back for pre-pay team and helpers methinks :smile:

Hi @cherryp47

I’m delighted to hear your meter is working as normal again. Our boffins on the prepay team are right, topping up at a Payzone or Post Office will sort things out.

Once we’ve sorted the issues with Paypoint we’ll issue compensation and lost top-ups :+1:

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Well its nice finally to hear from someone from bulb, actually I was unaware it was possible to top-up at a post office. I am guessing that as it has worked for Cherryp47 it will for me when i get home later this week.

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@aubsmm it is indeed, Post Office has a partnership with PayZone that allows members to top up their gas and electricity meters there. Pretty handy!

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Went to a normal paypoint this morning (saturday) having not been able to get to a post office, didn’t need to as the meter has now reset to the correct amount


My meter has been working right since the last top up from the post office.
Meter went wrong when topping up from paypoint.
Problem resolved I think.

That’s great to hear @cherryp47 and @aubsmm.

We have now managed to fix the issue relating to prepay members topping up at Paypoint terminals, so now you can top up at any PayPoint or PayZone again without any issue :raised_hands:

Thanks to all of you for your patience while we worked this through, we really appreciate it.

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Thank’s for confirming this Lou

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I noticed during the last few weeks that my meter was using up up a lot more credit. I make a note of of how much is used up every week and could not understand why until I came on here. I checked my meter and it says I’m paying 18.02 per kwh. What do I do next as I have had to go on to emergency credit as my usual Paypoint has been out of order for almost 2 weeks. Should I try paypoint tomorrow or go to post office and how much should I put on my card if it is going to reset to zero. My last top up was on 11/7/20.

Hi @ltraynor50, firstly welcome to Bulb community :wave:

Sorry that you’ve experienced this issue - I have logged your tariff change with our Prepay team. You can top up at any PayPoint, PayZone or Post Office and this will correct your tariff, as the issue has now been rectified. Furthermore, the Prepay team will be in touch with you about compensation for this issue shortly.


Thanks for your reply. How much should I put on card if it is going to reset to zero.

Hi @ltraynor50, screen A of your electricity meter should show you how much debt there is currently on your meter, so you’ll need to cover this amount in your next top-up plus some more to ensure that you have a positive amount of credit after you’ve topped up.

Thanks Lou new top up reset meter.

How do I go about getting refund of over charges for the last 3 or 4 weeks.

Hi @ltraynor50

Don’t worry, we’ve recorded your case on our systems and now the tariff issue has been resolved our prepay team will be automatically in touch regarding the refund :slightly_smiling_face:

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