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Hi, When my mate joined you he was sent a selection of LED light bulbs, is this still a thing ?

@jameslapaint, I’ve never actually heard about Bulb sending out bulbs although it has been recommended.

I suspect that if this was done for a short period of time, the referral bonus you now get will allow you to buy plenty of LEDs of your own choosing!

There is an active thread on LEDs in general if you fancy joining in the discussion.

Hi @jameslapaint , we ran a competition around 12 months ago in partnership with Plumen but that closed a long while ago!

We’re running our usual £50 each referral reward if you join through a link that a friend that’s with Bulb can send you, maybe give your friend a message to see if he can send you his!


Hello @AngusDalemon,

Thank you for getting in touch :wave:

Unfortunately we do not provide light bulbs here, however some of our members may be able to help you with this one :bulb:

I did a quick google search and found the same question being asked online here

I hope this helps.

Many thanks

@Nathan_at_Bulb - I suspect @AngusDalemon is a spambot of some sort. It’s a new account; it’s made one vaguely close to topic post (except it’s not); that has then been edited to include a link to a very suspicious-looking website address.

There’s been a bunch of similar new account, one-post subsequently edited with strange link, activity going on in the last few days.


Im keeping the links unshortend so people know where things lead too

The whole thing is weird, first we have this: http://community.bulb.co.uk/t/best-smart-bulbs-for-home-assistant-2020/97314

which is just a copy of this reddit post : https://www.reddit.com/r/homeassistant/comments/k4y1f1/best_smart_bulbs_for_home_assistant_2020/

The links are really strange, first we had https://omegle.onl/, which appears to be the offical omegle website

next we have the post from @AngusDalemon, which is just a copy of this reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/AskElectronics/comments/kjl1rj/help_identify_this_vu_meter_bulb/ that @Nathan_at_Bulb also found

the link in that seem to point to a “showbox” website ;" ShowBox APK is a multi-platform universal application that allows users to get free access to video content." Seems like a pirated content website or something

there’s others as well.; First Impressions of Essentials Bulb = https://www.reddit.com/r/Nanoleaf/comments/jt0n2w/first_impressions_of_essentials_bulb/

the “router login . uno” seems weird, can find much related to that

all the links are green with virustotal, just a very weird thing going on, i would suggest to bulb to put a 3 month restriction on adding links incase something malicious starts going on.

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Thanks @izzyhunt and @stevefoster, great spot.

I’ve deleted the user and their posts and blocked their IP address which has also blocked a handful of connected accounts.

I’ll also talk with our wider security team to avoid this happening again. Thanks again!