Bulb Massive DD Increase - Ombudsman Decision

Bulb Massive DD Increase - Ombudsman Decision

After 4 months, my complaint about an unjustified Direct Debit increase of 40% for Winter has been upheld by HMG Ombudsman Services.

I’d already switched supplier but this decision, a nominal compensation and awaited apology from Bulb is pleasing.

Beware, this has been a corporate policy judging by Trustpilot & Bulbs own Community Forum.

I intend to see if OFCOM will investigate,


Well done I really struggle keeping my account in such high credit n power always used to let you go into debt in winter knowing you would make it up in summer , their prices same now , I’m tempted to switch back I looked into the fact I’m struggling with payment , bulb use a 3rd party to nose into your business , still waiting for warm home discount , another farce .

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Bulb Terms & Conditions 4.2.2 still said estimate of annual use divided by 12 !! Assessed twice a year. They broke that T&C.
I switched to E.ON (though Bulb still tried to take over £100 DD !). E.ON stick to annual div 12 and bonus of tariff a bit lower :slight_smile:

I have mentioned this on a number of time on this Forum and Bulb’s Facebook page. I am of the opinion that Bulb do not adhere to their T&C’s Para 4.4.4. which as you point out says: Your monthly payment amount will be based on the cost of the energy we think you’ll use during a year with us, split into 12 equal monthly payments. This Bulb article conflicts with their T&C’s https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360018794051-Why-are-my-payments-being-increased-

My present supplier who I have been with for 12 mionths since I left Bulb adhere to the maxim of DD being 1/12 of the estimated annul cost, for part of the year i.e winter period I have been in debit and in the summer in credit.

My current suupliers T&C’s says we typically set your direct debit amount based on the amount of energy we think you’ll use across a year divided by twelve; and this is what they have kept to this during my 12 months with them

I have now asked the Ombudsman how one gets OFGEM to investigate the Company as a ‘Class’ Complaint on the way they are treating a certain group of customers.
Whilst consumer groups are happy to advise on the simple issue of an individual case and resolution (switch!!) none seem to know how to stir OFGEM into action. There is precedence as Bulb have been censured twice already by OFGEM for dodgy financial actions!

Tried to at least get Which to lower their score for Bulb, though be good if they investigated forums.

No response from Watchdog.


Martin, Thanks for posting. I will keep it short: I joined in February 2019 with a starter DD of £35 pm and now they are taking £158 only 2 years later. Just out of curiosity, I “got a quote” on Bulb’s very own website to switch/join up and it’s £40.85. Should I leave and then come back…??? I feel we are not alone in this travesty of rule breaking and intend to take it further. Thanks again…


Don’t come back! They’ve demonstrated they can’t be trusted,

You have more than enough usage history to get an accurate quote from other suppliers.

Bulb, as they did to me, may use every bit of the allowed switch time, just to annoy.

Agree switch with new supplier - 3 weeks
Agree meter reading and issue final bill - 6 weeks
Issue refund of balance on final bill - 2 weeks.

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if switching suppliers and there is an outstanding balance due to bulb estimates, can they block the switch?

Look at this site.

It’s difficult to see if you want to move due to the MASSIVE overestimate of monthly payments you’d be in debit on your account.

When I switched I was in credit and Bulb tried to collect another ~£110 after the switch. Officially one shouldn’t cancel the Direct Debit at the bank until Bulb have produced final bill and payment made. They were pissed that I cancelled it because I guessed despite bing in credit AND switched, they’d try for a last payment!!

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The answer is possibly on this official OFGEM page:

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