Bulb no longer sends out email reminders

Has anyone else noticed that Bulb have stopped sending out email Bill reminders? I normally get mine around the 22nd for the Bill on the 26th. Nothing last month and again nothing this month

Hi @Timm :deciduous_tree:

I can see that we sent you a payment reminder email on the 23 June at 18:09.

However, I will flag this withs comms team as to why this didn’t happen this month and we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Thanks but what about this month then? only 2 days before bill and nothing come through

I’m raising this with our comms team so that we can make sure that you will get these reminders every month.

Did you really mean that? :rofl:

Have you checked your Spam folder?
You would be surprised what lands there sometimes, important emails included.