Bulb not accepting Flipper - why?

Good afternoon team, Just wondering why you are not allowing a switch via Flip?

Kind regards

@gbobo, that’s an interesting service that I hadn’t actually heard of before.

With the referral system and community, Bulb are really trying to be a company that listens to its customers and is open and honest about what it’s doing. Flipper removes this completely and although it’s ensuring people aren’t sticking with energy companies who are ripping them off, it’s just focussed on money, and doesn’t really seem to fit with what Bulb’s ethos.

Interested to hear an official comment about it though.

If you do want to switch to ethical, renewable, open and honest energy, find a friend and grab a referral link for Bulb to net yourself £50 and probably still get plenty of savings along the way.

We’re not comfortable with supplying someone via a middleman I’m afraid, we need to make sure we have a valid agreement with each of our members. This means we need to be sure you’ve seen and agreed to our Terms and Conditions, and that you will get important communications when we send them to you. Flipper filters the communications we send you and we have no idea who agreed to our T&Cs when you joined, so we’re really not comfortable with it.