"bulb" not appearing in the list of smartthings app

I had my SMET2 stuff installed today,the electric meter is an EDMI top housing,and the lower modular component is a Landys+Gyr they were unable to install my SMETS2 gas meter because they were unable to access,and therefore VERIFY,its condition BEFORE and then AFTER the installation of the said SMETS2 gas meter,they said if I notify bulb when I have cleared access they shall call back at no charge,very nice chaps,James & Sean,from Morrisons Utilities,I cannot say the same about John from Seimens that called previously,they left me with the very latest Chameleon IHD6 CAD PPMID,it grabbed my readings instantly,I then proceeded to pair it with my home W-Fi,and all seems well,I then proceeded to install the smartthings app on my Samsung S6,I signed in and all is well,and then went into devices to locate the “bulb” app,there is NO bulb app,NO pink bulb icon,NOTHING,so I signed out and put the smartthings app on my other phone,still NO bulb icon under devices,can anyone help,please?RSVP,Thanks,Regards,Ray

I solved it myself,I de-registered on the Samsung app,which was registered in the USA,then went into my Samsung phone and went into “accounts” and set up a NEW account using my old e-mail and a slightly different password,I deleted my smartthings cache and data,then signed in again through the smartthings app,and then lo,and behold the “bulb” pink icon appeared,I clicked on it,carried out the instructions to pair with Wi-Fi,and then obtain the “pass-phrases” (it guides you through) all is now OK,and gathering data,So…the next thing we all need is ACCESS to the Chameleon “CAD” Consumer Access Data,so that we can do with it as we wish,PS,I had an e-mail from Fiona at Samsung,I had to supply details of my Switch before she could chase up my £1.00 smartthings stuff,Hope this helps,let me know if anyone needs some suggestions,bye for now,Regards,Ray