Bulb not taking payments?

We had Smart Meters installed at the end of last year but according to my acocunt Bulb has not taken any payments since then and the balance is now rather large.

Can someone please get in contact with me to disucss.


Hey @roadSurfer,

I’ve sent you an email now as I need a little more info to get this sorted - please get back to me there when you can!

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Yeah I have exactly the same problem. CS said there was a billing problem and offered me a refund which would be credited within 5 days. Well, that was in January and no refund yet.
I’ve chased several times and got little back. They keep taking the payments but stopped billing after the smart meter went in. I KNEW it was a bad idea to cave in to fitting one!

Hi @WorcsDH,

Unfortunately, that refund shouldn’t have been offered as the credit was from us not billing you. Now we’ve sent out your bills, there isn’t enough credit left on the account to issue a refund. I am sorry that this confusion happened, please let me know if you’d like me to raise a complaint about this.


I have the same problem, and have contacted Bulb on three occasions but received no reply.
I haven’t been charged since Nov 2020, The worrying bit is what happens if the bill “when it finally arrives” is more than I have in credit, This all started when after nearly two years from having a smart meter fitted by Bulb I received an Email asking for a meter reading .Why all of a sudden cant they communicate with the smart meter they fitted and have used for my bills since fitting.

Don’t you think that as this is bulbs error with bulbs billing system (an error in fact that still affects a lot of members still because bulb doesn’t like to fix major issues with there systems) and bulbs staff not properly checking the accounts health before offering a refund that if they haven’t already done so in private bulb should take responsibility and let Worcs off here? At least a decent amount of compensation to clear any credit and pay for the nexts months bill instead of a (from my understanding) £15 thing you give for this error? or has bulb changed their ways and become greedy, like how they reduced the £10 gift if they didn’t pick up the phone quickly. Is that even a thing at all anymore?

LMAO just found this updated blog post. What a mess of updates leading to the slow demise of it. Imagine if they still had this, they would be out of business the next day.

Oh bulb, whatever happened…

Hi @lesarabrsv :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch. I’m really sorry you haven’t had a statement for a while and completely understand the worry this causes if you’re not able to track your usage.

I’ve just sent you an email and will look into this issue further for you.

Cara :bulb:

Hi @izzyhunt :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch- member service is something that we are incredibly proud of, so it’s important to listen to feedback such as your own to make sure we are constantly improving.

We understand that receiving a speedy response to your queries is part of this and every time you have to wait a long time for a response, we compensate your account with extra credit.

We do also offer compensation for delayed bills and consider this on case-by-case basis. If you would like us to have a closer look into an issue, let us know here and we’ll pop you an email.

Cara :bulb: