Bulb part refund


As I’ve built up a small though useful in credit balance from first few months of joining Bulb
What’s the excepted total days from requesting and receiving a part refund into bank account.
Well done Bulb, going to enjoy until energy costs soon rise.
Thanks in Advance

Is there an answer to part re fund time scales is it 3-5-7 working days or 1-2 weeks

Hey @Donfor

If you would like to be refunded credit from your account, we will need to make sure we have up to date meter readings and at least one months payment in the account. Then you’ll just need to request it from us.

If you’ve already requested it, it should be in your bank account within 3-5 working days, unless you’re told otherwise.

Sometimes refunds won’t show up as bulb, but as a GC refund as a few smaller refunded payments that usually match up to your normal payment amounts.

And thank you for all the lovely feedback - you’ll always hear from us at least 30 days before we plan on increasing our prices, so you don’t need to worry about that happening anytime soon.

Thanks Alex B

That’s answered for my knowledge only.