Bulb Prepayment key

Hi, Today I used my Bulb prepayment key for Electric, I put it in meter as instructed for 60 seconds but wasn’t sure that anything happened so I put it in a 2nd time which then gave me £5 emergency
I was given the impression that the 45p left from my SSE key would be wiped off after the Bulb key was inserted but this didn’t happen
Then I took the new key to get £15 added & put this into meter which gave me a £15.45 balance, upon looking at my receipt it said that payment was to Eon which has left me even more confused?
When topping up the key should it not say that payment went to Bulb ?
Any Advice on this please xx

Any Advice on this please xx

I’m afraid you’ll need to ask Bulb directly about this via private communication on Monday morning. Here on this public forum we’re just other customers like yourself and have no access to comment on account-specific queries.


theres debt on the meter that the person before owes Eon. i had same exsperance with my gas card i was told if there is gas on the its best to use it up. Before i insert the Gas card to register as it will wipe all thats on the meter (apparently) i topped up the card £20 put in meter took the £20 no gas. contacted bulb who said they had sorted it. but never told me why it done it.August 3months later i noticed (EMERGENCEY USED)stayed on the screen even when in credit.checked (meter no debt for gas ) but looking through my tops up i made for £10 only £7 went on for gas £3 for (EMERGENCY) even tho in credit. Bulb were the last to do anything with meter in August it was now november. Thats 3 months that i had £3 taken off every topup i made for 3 months. so i tried to contact bulb to tell them what the meter was doin and i wanted to know why.November to January had 2-3 emails back from bulb waste time. another 3 months past still didnt have any idea.Then i get email from bulb (reminding me that there is only 1 week left on the normal 8 week bulb allows for complaints regarding your enquiry and if we dont hear from you the complaint will be closed for good by bulb) the thing about that email is i aint never even made a complaint for what the way bulb has handled my enquiry theve handled nothing. The person that was given the job to close a complaint which i have sent loads of msgs telling bulb i hadnt made a complaint but ignored all of my emails. the manager put in charge try resolve the way it was handled said if i had any questions so asked 2 and got 2 totally opisite replys from what i asked. told me i had 2 options take the £10 for the bad service or option 2 the ombudsman but to pushie in trying to take the £10 and she must think wewas born yesterday thinking if i took the £10 which she says for the bad service. Now if a person didnt know what actully happens as soon as accepting the £10 they most likely wouldnt take it.But with the manager who bulb put in charge had 1 mission which i noticed through how pussie she was for me to take £10 to get it closed asap where as for takin the 10 means your satified the was
with the way hanled this and nowits closed fr good not to be opened again as the manager didnt tell the person what doezs happen when taking £10 Bulb has eople like the manager

Hi @madzgagz52,

I can see you have an open complaint regarding this, so I’ve messaged my colleague to give you an update via email when possible.

All the best,

Freya @ Bulb :bulb:

Freya is there a complaint still open I didn’t get s Reply

Hey @madzgagz52 - I can see you’re emailing Samuel and this is in his inbox - he’ll get back to you ASAP!