Bulb Price Change - February 2022

Hi all,

Bulb Community Team here :wave:

Bulb announced today that we’ll be increasing our prices from 1 April 2022.

We’re expecting more members to get in touch with us after this announcement, so we’ve made the decision to place Community into ‘read-only’ mode for a short time. That means you won’t be able to post anything new.

By making Community ‘read-only,’ we can free up our teams to answer questions more quickly on other help channels. We want to make sure we answer every member’s questions about their account in full and in private, and that’s tricky to do in a public forum.

We know that rising energy prices are coming at a difficult time for lots of people. You can find out more about the price change on our blog, or visit our Help Centre to find out how we can help if you think you might struggle to pay for your energy

If you have any questions about your payments or our price increase, you can get in touch by:

We’re available from 9am to 5pm every weekday.


Team Bulb :bulb: