Bulb recommending I put my monthly payments up!!!!

I’m a £190:00 in credit, and you’re telling me that my monthly payments of £82 per month need to be increased, and it’s only July!!! Come on Bulb, you’re better than that. Don’t be silly, your’re doing precisely what the big six do all the time!!!

Bulb have often stated that the customer is in control of direct debits, and you can set your own. If you’re comfortable with your current payments and credit balance then leave things as they are. Obviously some algorithm has predicted your payments might not quite cover you usage on average over the winter, these things don’t always get it quite right! I don’t think it’s fair to blame bulb for proactively warning you in advance- it’s not as if they are forcing you to increase your current payments against your wishes.

Yep, appreciate and understand the system. I do keep my finger on the pulse of my energy finances and realise Bulb are thinking ahead. My defence of my comments was waking up bleary eyed with the first cuppa of the day to see Bulb suggesting I need to increase my payments and felt I needed to express my anger. Have calmed down now!!!

Hey @Granada Thanks for getting in touch. @Ed1178 is spot on, sense checking your account shows that you’re in a good position. We’re improving the way these suggestions are calculated behind the scenes so that these erroneous suggestions become less and less frequent. Appreciate the message is confusing though! These things normally sort themselves out after another meter reading too.

I like to give fairly regular readings. I think that’s a good idea. Currently bulb are suggesting my payments are to high by a few quid. I have decided to keep them at the same level for a couple more months & see how it goes. I have only been with them for a few weeks so it needs a little time.

Thank you Euan. Apologies for “grumpy” comments. I must say, the £190.16 credit that’s in my a/c at the moment would probably be so much smaller if I’d stayed with my previous energy supplier, which happened to be one of the big 6!!!