Bulb Refusing To Pay Out Credit Refund

Hello, I would like to start this by highlighting that I am a vulnerable person during a global pandemic; it is important to keep this in mind while reading.

For over two years, I have been paying £108 for gas and electricity, while living in a small one bedroom flat. This has meant that a large amount of credit has built up on my account, even though I questioned it multiple times. A few weeks ago, my meters were read, and it was found I had been paying too much (obviously). A large amount of credit was added to my account and due to this, I asked what was happening and if I could have a refund on my credit – this is my energy company, not a savings account.

I was told that there was a discrepancy in the final meter reading from my old supplier and they would have to look in to it – this is coming on three weeks now. Scottish Power, my old supplier, have confirmed for me that they have had absolutely no contact from Bulb on this matter and that it is not their responsibility to fix Bulb’s mistake. I am told every week that they are looking in to it and I am constantly promised call backs from managers. All I ever receive is an email trying to placate me – usually at around 4am when I can’t reply – and then it goes back to silence. Looking in to this on my own, even before the meter discrepancy, I am still owed upwards of £1700 of my own money that I am being absolutely mothballed on every time I try and get information on this.

Let me be clear – I have supplied meter readings multiple times before this, I have also enquired as to my large credit balance multiple times before this. Ofgem are happy to investigate for me, but they would like a deadlock latter or at least a complaint reference number that they can use to directly liaise with Bulb. It should come as no surprise that I am also not being supplied this. Let me be even clearer – I have a stutter, and major anxiety. I live alone and I struggle immensely with the telephone. This company have left me high and dry during a horrifying global crisis, ignoring me entirely and only responding early in the morning, from who knows where, fully aware I won’t be able to reply at this time, or even phone up in the morning.

Reading up on Bulb, just in the last two months, it is reported that they have been granted a ‘stay of execution’ as they are on the brink of financial collapse; their co-director has resigned, and last year they had to pay out a huge amount of compensation for lying to and essentially stealing money from, their customers. I IMPLORE you, please, do not let your accounts go in to credit with your own money – you will STRUGGLE to this get this back. Do not recommend any of your friends and family to switch – it is simply not worth it - read the news reports on them, educate yourselves before paying them a penny. I have begun the process of moving to Octopus Energy; they seem stable, highly recommended, and fully renewable – I suggest anyone reading this do the same.

Lastly, my friend is a solicitor and is going to start helping me to get a major investigation going with Ofgem so I can get my money back. Please do not make the same mistake I did. And, whomever at Bulb reads this – I might have a stutter, but I also have a degree, some very accomplished friends and absolute determination that I will be getting my money back. You won’t get away with this.

Hi @gerrymc89, firstly welcome to Bulb community.

I’m sorry that you’ve had this issue with your account and I can see from where the issue stems, with the opening meter reading being an estimate much higher than your actual reading. It’s this that has caused there to be a large amount of credit on your account, due to following readings being many thousands of units lower.

I can assure you that there’s no motivation to hoard your or anyone’s money, but we do of course need to rectify this issue with the opening meter reading, before we can refund you credit that you rightfully deserve, and to ensure that your Direct Debit amount is set correctly too.

I can see, based on the notes on your account, that my colleague has been in contact with our Operations team this morning about this, so I can assure you this is in hand. However, I’m sorry there’s been a lack of communication on the fact that this is being worked on behind-the-scenes, so I’m sorry about that. I’m going to request that my colleague gets back to you, to confirm that we are sorting this out for you.

All the best,

Oh please…

Go buy a dictionary and look up the word “interest”

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Hi @Bulberino

Just wanted to pop a note here to clarify, as I believe this is what you were referring to, that we don’t gain interest on any credit that may be in members accounts :blush:

We’re happy to process refunds for people if they are in credit and the account is correct and updated as @Lou_at_Bulb 's mentioned- if you’d like us to help with anything with an account with us let us know.

H :bulb:

You’re quick enough to respond here, but not to sort out my account, that you messed up…

I’m gonna link to this on my twitter - you legitimately cannot and should not get away with blatant lies and inaction.

I’m still waiting for a deadlock letter I was promised last Friday… and then that Friday past…

Sterling customer service

Still waiting for your colleague to get back to me; still waiting to hear that this is in hand and being worked on.

You should be ashamed, this has been a crazy difficult time for us all, and you are legit hoarding my own money - borderline criminal.

Part of me hopes you don’t sort it so that Ofgem can kick your arses.

Hey @gerrymc89

Sorry to hear the person handling your complaint hasn’t got back to you- we’ve let them know you’re chasing a deadlock letter from them so we can get that sorted for you.

– H :bulb: