Bulb repeatedly close down my account and not listening to me

I feel compelled to write here as I feel that Bulb support doesn’t seem able to either understand nor attend to my issue. Owing to a mix-up with the meters and address at my residences, my electricity meter is registered centrally to my neigbour. At least one other flat has its meter assigned to my address with Scottish Power. I have an Ombusdement complaint open against Scottish Power to address their issue since I can’t fix my address until they have fixed theirs. To this end, Bulb has been quite helpful.

My issue is that whenever the tenants next door move out, bulb must get some notification that it is ME that is leaving and close down my account. It has happened three times this year alone, and no matter how many times that I tell Bulb and they say they have put a block on happening, it happens again. Then it takes phone call after phone call to bulb to hopefully get someone helpful and bright enough to understand and fix the problem. I have given up with online and email support, chances of even getting someone to reply is pretty low.

So it happened a few months back. I managed to my account almost back to normal then it happened again. I did call and the chap did recreate my account but I find now that it has no meter reading and despite two calls and supposedly having had the details entered, I can see no readings. To make matters worse, the electricity meter started reading Smart recently but despite having the correct serial number, was reading much lower values than on the meter, presumably, it is reading the meter next door. I even got a big refund.

However, I need to get my true readings registered because at some point in the future it will be put right and I do not want my power I am using now being charged at the rate it is likely to be then!

So Bulb. If you are there and you care about your customers, can you please find someone that will take my issue seriously. I want to be able to pay my bill with the correct readings. The past 6 months with this and having to deal with Scottish Power chasing debts for people I don’t know is making me tear my hair out.

To add to this, for anyone else with cross-meter issues such as this, the Ombudsman advises that it is the responsibility of your own supplier to liaise with any other suppliers to fix the issue. Bulb is my supplier and it was Bulb that told me months ago to approach Scottish Power to fix their side of the problem, which I did and ended up complaining to the ombudsman. Now I am back to square one, I will have to instruct Bulb of their regulatory obligations, and make a formal complaint so that at the end of 8 weeks when in all likelihood Bulb has done nothing, I can return to the Ombudsman, this time with Bulb.