Bulb returning me to another supplier

I had an email a couple of weeks ago saying that another supplier was claiming there was an error in the move to Bulb I made nearly two years ago.

I replied giving all the details asked for. The only response I had was an email saying “the password for this statement is ****” without anything else, not including or referring to what the password (which I have replaced here by ****) was for.

I have now had another email saying that Bulb was returning my account to another supplier.

The problem with that is that, while the first email did refer to my address, this second email referred to an address that I have never had any connection with. So I am not sure if this second email was a pure coincidence that I can ignore, or if Bulb intended to send me a similar email but someone got addresses wrong, possibly because another consumer had the same name as me.

I have had something similar. Some 5 years ago I was stupid enough to sign up with Together Energy. What a bunch of clowns they turned out to be . After 1 year they could not give me a bill or accept my readings. I did the sensible thing and left … pronto.
British Gasbags , who took over the client list of T.E recently., have sent me innumerable messages welcoming me to their company, but, for an address I do not live at. They have now sent me a bill and offered to set up a direct debit for me.
Unfortunately there seems to be no protection from idiots these days.

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Hi @danco :wave:

I can see we have been in touch with you over email about this.

If you have any more questions then please let me know.

– KT :bulb:

Thanks. Yes, one of your staff did reply to me by email saying that I had no need to worry as I would not be switched without my consent.

Unfortunately, despite that, I have just received an email from you saying th another supplier has told you that I am switching to them. I have, of course, cancelled the switch. I have also replied to your staff member informing him of this.

So there is probably no need for action by your staff other than what he can do.

I have complained to E.On, but since they have not got things right for over two years I have little hope that they will cease persecuting me until I can complain to the Ombudsman (my recent complaint is the first I have made personally, as the matter has been raised by the management of my block; so I have to wait two months before I can go to the ombudsman).