Bulb & Samsung Smart Things Apps issues after Smart Meters fitted

Hi Folks

Having just recently had Smart meters fitted I was keen to monitor my Gas & Electricity in the Usage option on the Bulb App and also through the Samsung Smart Things App

Sadly I am not getting readings on either and despite making Bulb aware neither of the people assigned to help have been able to and have left me high and dry.

Has anybody else experienced such problems if so can you give me any advice.


Hi @Cobra20,

Welcome to Bulb community :wave:

I see that my colleague was trying to help you, she sent an email on 24th February and again last Friday (5th March), are you able to get back to her?

We’d love to help get your smart meters working again.

Hello Trevor

To clarify things my problem is that since a short power cut nearly 2 weeks ago I am getting no usage information for Gas or Electricity on my IHD

I have tried the things previously suggested by Georgie but that did not work

Please note that when looking at my Electricity Smart meter the WAN light is flashing every second but the MESH light is not working at all

Please could you help



The mesh light does not need to flash, it is used for providing signal to you neighbors when you have a properly equipped meter. I don’t know if there email already has this but this link should request a reset for you IHD: Bulb account

Hello @Cobra20,

Have you tried @izzyhunt’s suggestion?

Another thing we can try is a comms hub reboot, which takes 2/3 weeks to complete. If you’ve given the account reset a go and it hasn’t been successful, we can definitely give this a go.

It sounds like the power cut unfortunately caused this to drop offline but there’s a fair few different things we can try to get this back up and running for yourself.

Freya @ Bulb

Hi Freya

Our IHD is now working ok

We are still not getting any Usage data on our Bulb app however

Are you getting readings come through on the SmartThings app?

Hey everyone,

For any SmartThings or IHD queries, Samsung and Chameleon are doing a live Q&A right now so you can ask them your questions directly! :bulb: