Bulb saying i sent in meter reading when i didnt saying my gas usage was 310 wen spp saying usage 84

I have looked at my acount saying debit 390 my gas usage was 84 they saying i sent metrr reading wich i didnt they saying they have been undercharging i didnt send in any reading i have smart meter they trying to rip me off ftom 84 now they saying i used 310 in march my house empty all day everyday usage 84 but they say 310 wots going on help

Hey @jools1690 sorry for the confusion with your payments and usage.

It looks like we did not get a gas reading for a while which has led to your account to not have an updated balance, we have however been getting regular electric readings.

We have been unable to connect to the gas meter to get readings however with your new readings we have produced a statement that shows usage over a period of time to clear this up.

Your overall debt has decreased slightly as a result.

Let us know if you have any questions.

–Carl :bulb: