Bulb seems to be twice the price it advertised

When I signed-up to bulb, it recommended payments of £53 a month.

I’ve just had my meters read and it’s now saying £97 a month, almost twice the amount.

I live in a one bed flat - this seems very expensive.

What gives?

The payments will be based on estimates / averages. You can change your direct debit amount by going to your account

You may find in the first couple of months the suggested amounts will go up and down based on estimates. However once you start sending in regular monthly meter readings the bills and suggested payments will become more accurate. You have a fair degree of control on your payments since you are able to change your direct debit. Your direct debit amount plus any credit should be sufficient to pay the following months energy usage (with Bulb you pay for energy in advance)…

Hey @davestewart these suggestions are absolutely right. It may take a while for these estimations to settle to your true usage. 2-3 months with readings normally settles them out :slight_smile:

@Euan at Bulb

Somewhat off topic, Bulb team late on a Sunday? :o

@Allanr We’re experimenting with weekend work at the moment! It helps our team out when it comes round to Monday and hopefully makes our service a little more consistent throughout the week :slight_smile:

I’ll be honest £97 per month for a one bed room flat does sound excessive - we’ve got a 3 bedroom/3 floor semidetached (admittedly it’s a new build so well insulated) inhabited 24/7 with a couple of beefy computers running and our monthly bill is around £75 (I think it was around £95 mid-winter).

Are you taking frequent meter readings? How well insulated is everything? Have you got anything left running 24/7 that perhaps you can turn off (I know our computers use about £10 of electricity per month). If the meter readings are correct, Bulb’s ‘price calculation’ will almost certainly be correct - but if you are using more power than they expected you to, this is probably why you’ve got a higher bill.

Hey all, just checking in after a while.

Thanks for all the tips and comparisons.

I guess I’ll have to look at how much is being used then be a bit more “hands on” with readings and whatnot.

If / when I make any headway, I’ll report back!


@davestewart Let us know how you get on after a couple of meter readings, always the best way to keep your bills accurate.