Bulb SEG Rate: Why so low?

From what I can see, Bulb now offers to pay its customers 5.38p per kW exported via their SEG rate card but charges the same customers 12.39p per kW when they purchase energy from Bulb.

Seems to be a bit of an unfair double standard here. Thoughts anyone?

You’d hope the export rate was a bit higher, but there’s no way they’re going to pay you the retail import price. What would you consider a reasonable export rate?

I think 50% of the price to end consumers should be the minimum floor. So 6.1p or higher. This is especially true since rooftop suppliers will inevitably buy from Bulb after sunset as well. Also, since they’re selling to bulb daily, does the standing charge need to apply?

Bulb is making a mistake by not offering preferential rates to existing bulb customers. They could so easily take the lead over competitors here and differentiate themselves further.