Bulb setting up Variable Direct Debit incorrectly - then trying to charge me for it

I arranged with the call centre at the beginning of April to set up a variable direct debit for my monthly payments in order to not accumulate useless credit.

I now find out today by way of an email that “there was a problem with my account” hence my May bill amount was never taken and I am being threatened with a late payment fee.

Very convenient that this would have happened over a bank holiday weekend where they are uncontactable. They do have time to send out threatening emails though don’t they?

The email is asking me to update my bank details or add funds to my bank account as obviously this must be my fault! (Spoiler alert: it’s not)

Can someone advise how I can change my payments to manual with a credit or debit card, I’m going to have to remember to pay this every month now instead of relying on direct debit like normal people, all because Bulb are not able to correctly set up my payment method, what a joke.

If you want the convenience of paying by DD, why not just reply with your bank details? I’m sure you sent in the correct details the first time but no harm in sending them in again.

  1. because the bank details are already in my settings and they are correct

  2. because I’m being intimidated with the threat of a non payment fee so I can’t really risk leaving things to dumb luck and hoping that their next attempt to take money will work. So what, when it doesn’t they can pin it on me like they already did once? No thank you.

Hi @EMf42wr :wave:

I will happily move you over to a variable direct debit and with this you won’t receive messages asking your to set up payments.

The reason you are receiving these messages is because you do not have a direct debit set up with us. Could you please reinstate this and let me know here when you have done that so I can set the variable direct debit up.


Jenny :star:

Hi Jen,

I do not have a direct debit now because I cancelled it over the weekend seeing as it was clearly not set up properly and nothing had been taken for the past 2 months.

I’m not too sure how you can fail to take a payment and not notify me until a good month later, on top of everything else making it sound like it was my fault.

It’s on my to do list to call up and try one more time with the variable direct debit but you can imagine that I’m not left feeling very hopeful that it’ll be set up properly seeing as it already went wrong once.

Hi @EMf42wr :wave:

It looks like the variable direct debit was set up after your April payment came out, and there was no debit on your Bulb account until the statement was issued on 1 June so there would have been no payment needed at that point.

If you’d prefer to just let us know on here that you’d like the variable direct debit set up with the details we used previously, let us know and we can arrange that for you.

Ollie :musical_note: